Download Songs From Grooveshark Using Orbit Downloader

Both Grooveshark and Orbit downloader are famous for what they do. Grooveshark is a free music streaming service that allow users to search, stream, and upload music free of charge. Grooveshark streams about 60 million songs per month. The international availability and clean interface makes it unique. On the other hand Orbit downloader, freely available feature rich file downloader is a must have for download freaks. Obviously Grooveshark don’t allow you to download or cache songs from their web interface due to copyright issues. But when the power of Orbit downloader is made use of, grabbing songs and saving them to your disc becomes easy.

The Orbit downloader has a feature called Grab++ that identify and download media files like mp3, swf, flv, wma, mpg, wmv, mov etc. The Grab++ feature can catch and download files from all browsers since it’s a feature included in the Orbit downloader itself. But Internet explorer has an added advantage of having Grab++ browser toolbar integrated.

Steps to download songs from Grooveshark using Orbit downloader:

1) Download and install Orbit downloader on your computer. While installing make sure you don’t disable the Grab pro feature for Internet explorer. Launch the app.

2) Launch Internet Explorer/ Google Chrome or Firefox and go to

3) Play the song you want to download from the songs collection on Grooveshark.

For Internet Explorer:

If you are using Internet explorer then you will have a Grab toolbar on top of the browser that will automatically identify the streaming media. Click the icon on the toolbar and from the pop up click download. Save the stream.mp3 file to your computer.

For Firefox, Google Chrome etc:

If you are using browsers other than IE then you can use the Grab++ feature in Orbit downloader. In Orbit downloader go to Tools> Grab++ and click to launch Grab window. If the ‘Getit’ button for caching media is enabled then you will see an icon when you hover over the streaming media.

In Grab++ windows select the media files you want to download. Since we are streaming mp3 here you will see stream.mp3. Select it by ticking and then hit Download. Save the file.


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