Factory Reset Motorola AP-5131

The Motorola AP-5131 is a fully featured 802.11a/b/g wireless network access point that supports MESH networking.

I recently needed to reset one of these access points and thought it would be useful for anyone else looking for information on the subject.

Step 1. Serial up to the AP5131 with 19200-8-N-1

Step 2. Power cycle the AP5131

Step 3. Press the “Escape” key when the AP5131 states “Press escape key to run boot firmware”.

Step 4. From the “boot>” prompt enter “passwd default”.

Step 5. Reset the system by entering “reset system”.

The AP5131 should perform a full reset and end up at the login prompt after it has booted. The default administrator password is “symbol” (case sensitive).

Note: starting with firmware release the AP51x1 password was changed to “motorola”.

Upon logging in for the first time the administrator should be prompted to change the password. The default administrator username is “admin”.

Note: the default IP address of the AP5131 is and the DHCP server is enabled in the factory configuration so you should be able to connect your PC to the LAN port and then open a web browser to access the Admin GUI.



shaikh ramij said...

my Motorola router hard rest trick
note available user id password
sir plz help

shaikh ramij said...

How to reset Motorola AP5131

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