Finally PLDT rolls out fiber connection to homes

After a two-year delay, telco giant PLDT has formally announced that it has started offering direct-to-the-home (DTTH) fiber optic data service in exclusive subdivisions in Metro Manila.

Called PLDT Fibr, the new service is the first in the country to use fiber optic cables to deliver broadband services to homes with speeds of up to 100Mbps. With a 100Mbps connection, it will take only one minute to download a full-length movie, PLDT said.

The fiber connection was supposed to have been launched two years ago by PLDT but the company did not say the reasons for the delay.

The DTTH service is available to residents in Forbes Park and Urdaneta Village in Makati, Palms Pointe in Alabang, Wack Wack Village in Mandaluyong, and all Valle Varde villages in Pasig.

The PLDT plan comes with an Optical Network Unit (ONU) modem that connects to a fiber optic cable, according to PLDT head of retail business group Dan C. Ibarra.

Residents can avail the unlimited Fibr monthly plans at P3,500 for the 8Mbps plan, P6,500 for the 15Mbps plan, and P20,000 for the 100Mbps plan.

FTTH uses fiber optic technology which transmits data via light signals sent through hair-thin strands of pure glass. Instead of the usual copper going to the homes of customers, thin fiber optic cables will be used.

The new platform will be able to deliver simultaneously voice, video and data services at much higher speeds and larger capacities than DSL or cable technologies.

Prior to its launch, initial tests done by PLDT have showed that an FTTH-enabled computer posted download speeds of up to 94.86 megabits per second (mbps) and upload rates of 69.39 mbps.

At those speeds, it would take only one second to download a 5Mb mp3 file, 3 seconds for a 35Mb video clip and only one minute to download an 800Mb movie.


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