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Where to submit sites?

For your site to receive traffic, the search engines must first find it. For search engines to find it, you have to let them know where it is. This is not the complicated arcane science that many professional search engine optimizers would have you believe. It's merely a matter of creating a site, generally optimizing it with the keywords you want your visitors to find you with and submitting your website to site directories, search engines and other website spidering indexes and systems. You should also remember to link to the right sites. Not all submit link services are equal in quality.

The end goal is to make it into Google. If you just want to make certain Google has your URL, simply submit site here

However, the best way to make it into Google is to let it find you naturally. Google doesn't take your word for how great your site is. They check its relevancy with other sites, gauging a site's natural link growth to screen for spamdexing elevations, its popularity with other quality sites, and other factors before it gives it the all-important Page Rank.

Some other fairly important search engines and directories which still accept direct free website submission are:

Bing -
Yahoo -

Most paid inclusion directories have diminishing results. Yahoo, for instance, charges a lot for a site to be submitted to its directory. Even then, the listing isn't guaranteed. They only list your site if they like it. The general criteria for liking it is unknown.

While there are many paid submit site services, there are also excellent free directory submission places, free backlink builder resources, submit url free sites and other similar services. As an example, Voltrank is an excellent free submit url service that encourages natural link growth through automation, quality link associations through screening sites for Google indexing and customized text anchors for keyword optimization.

Beyond that, it's important to remember that quality and quantity of links must be reconciled. A fast hundred backlinks from a toxic site will do much more harm than good to a new website. Hand-submitted directories can be too slow to achieve any kind of quantity in a short time. A balance between automation and quality in link building is all you need to help your site take flight.


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