Free Raid 0, 1 and 5 Data Recovery Service Tools For Windows

How transfer RAID arrays between chipsets without losing data when you motherboard failed? If you’re looking at ways to recover deleted RAID data files or how to unlock your native RAID array, look no further. It is always advisable to stop depending on your motherboard chipset to support your RAID configuration, by doing so, you lock yourself to the motherboard and its chipset, this will make data recovery a headache when the system fail.

Now you can mount RAID arrays and Dynamic Disks created with all current Intel, nVidia or VIA chipsets on any other chipset and on all versions of Windows with free Raid 2 Raid software. Raid 2 Raid will accommodate your existing RAID arrays on the new PC – whether or not it supports hardware RAID! Raid 2 Raid is completely free – download your copy now and get your RAID back!

Features of Raid 2 Raid Data recovery software :

  • Makes RAID Transfer between different motherboard chipset easier
  • Supports Intel, nVidia, and VIA chipsets
  • Supports JBod (RAID 0), Stripe (RAID 0), Mirror (RAID 1), RAID 5, and RAID 0+1 (RAID 10) Array types.
  • Supports files system both forward and backward compatible from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008.
How to recover deleted files with Raid2Raid data recovery :

  • After installed, deleted files and folders marked in red colour will appear.
  • Right click on these files or folder to recover these files.
How to use Raid2 Raid data recovery software to recover deleted raid data files :

  1. Download and install Raid2Raid. After installation run the utility. Double click on the disk drive, partition or volume from where the data needs to be recovered.
  2. After a few seconds it will display deleted files and folders in red ‘X’ marks. Select the one you need to be recovered.
  3. Right click on the selected item and click on ‘Recover this files’ from the context menu. Select a location to save this file and Raid2Raid will start the recovery process.
As there is no much free raid data recovery software on web, Raid 2 Raid software definitely is a good windows utilities especially helps those inexperience user recover back raid data instantly.

Meanwhile, Raid To Raid is a free download that should work with most versions of the Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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