How-to Create, Access Google Music Account Outside US

Google Music is now available to all residents of the US as Google recently dropped the beta tag. With Google Music you can store up to 20,000 songs on the cloud and stream them to your devices be it a desktop, mobile phone or a tablet device. Now Google even allows music purchase from Android marketplace and local caching on to your mobile devices for offline steaming. And all your music files bought online and uploaded to Google servers can be accessed via web app, Android app and mobile web optimized app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. But just like many other popular services out there even this cool Google service officially stays US only.

If you want to access Google Music outside the US here is what you should do now. Google Music requires you to have a US based IP address only for first login and after that you are free to roam around the world. This also means using Google Music account you can download free music files and buy music provided you have a US credit card attached to Google Wallet payment service. To access Google Music you can make use of a free US based Virtual Private Network (VPN). Follow these steps to enable Tunnel Bear a free US VPN tool and create a Google Music account.

1. Download and install Tunnel Bear [link].

2. Launch Tunnel Bear and create an account. After that login and make sure you’re using a US VPN (see the switch towards right side). Now Enable Tunnel Bear using the ON/ OFF switch.

3. Wait for the status message to turn connected. Once connected head over to Google Music page and login with your Google account.

4. Accept the terms and you are good to go.

5. Turn off Tunnel Bear and you may uninstall it.

Now you can start uploading songs to Google Music servers. For that download Music Manager app by clicking ‘Upload Music’ tab placed towards top right corner. Install it and login using the Google account you used to access Music account. Select ‘Upload’ tab and point to the folder where all your mp3 files are stored. Hit ‘Upload’ button and wait while the files are being uploaded. Once done all these songs will be available accessible from Google Music web interface. With Google Music web app you can play music, create playlists, and arrange songs based on genre. Also all the free and purchased music can be downloaded to computer by navigating to ‘Free and purchased’ playlist and then hovering over the song you’d like download, then hit ‘Save to computer’. An official Google Music Android app is also available that lets you stream music while on the move. Android app details and iOS web app details after the break.

Google Music on Android

Google Music Android app includes basic features any other music player would have plus the option to locally cache the files stored on Google servers. With this app you can play, shuffle, rate songs as you would do on the web app. App also features a really cool carousal slider with album art that lets you navigate through your entire collection at once. For how to download and install Android app on phones and tablets read this post.

Google Music on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Google doesn’t have a native iOS for Google Music but the mobile web interface has been tweaked to substitute for this loss. Google Music mobile web app automatically jumps in when you head over to and it looks pretty much the same as their Android app minus the songs downloading feature. With the Android Ice Cream Sandwich UI and swipe to switch tabs feature Google Music experience on iOS devices ain’t that boring.


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