How a Twitter App Can Easily Build Thousands of Backlinks Using Social Media Marketing

Who said building backlinks was hard work? Incorrect! If your searching for the fastest, easiest way to build thousands of high qaulity, High Page Rank backlinks, look no further. Here’s a solution that really works.

Why does it work? Because i use it and have watched my blog posts move from page 11 to page 7 to page 2 and now top 4 on Googles first page for popular keywords.YOU also control the anchor text (That’s the keywords in the links back to YOUR site that Google loves).

Why is it easy?  It only takes up minutes a day not hours.

Why is it fast? It works 24/7 for YOU because its a twitter marketing application thats approved by the Twitter API (regulations)

How does it build high page rank backlinks? It sends your twitter updates(short messages) with a link back to YOUR website or blog post every 20 minutes on each account (max. 500) on each queue reservoir.

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What Are Update Queues?

You can drip-feed your updates (Twitter messages with a link back to YOUR site) into your social accounts, without having to worry about scheduling each one individually.

That’s where Update Queues come in.

Each Queue has an update Reservoir attached to it. You put updates into the reservoir, and the Queue drip-feeds those updates into your social accounts over time.

You can connect a Queue to one specific social account, or you can connect it to several social accounts (in which case it will simultaneously drip-feed the updates into all those connected social accounts).

Where does it send these links? To your social network. All those social media sites that you have opened or need to open. There’s hundreds of them. Here’s a huge list of social media sites and free websites to get you started.

Whats the detail?

Once you have setup your twitter marketing app and written your blog post you can start to configure this twitter app to easily build thousands of backlinks using social media sites.

Step 1. Schedule New Update: Copy and paste your new or old post title into the new update field
Step 2. Add Your Link: Copy the unique URL (Post address) into the same field and shorten it.
Step 3. Create New Reservoir: Add the new update to your queue reservoir (Create a new one related to the post link you are sending) and save it so it goes to the end of the queue after it has been sent.
Step 4. Save: Schedule the updates to be sent every 20 minutes for each queue reservoir and after saving your done.

You can create unlimited reservoirs that will send your new post links every 20 minutes to all the social sites you have added to the program. This builds a high page rank backlink every 20 minutes on every queue reservoir 24/7 automatically. Thats 72 a day on each reservoir. In 2 weeks you will have at least a thousand backlinks on just one reservoir alone. This way you save time and can focus more on writing qaulity, compelling new content. Put your new posts in the system every day and you are building your backlinks and increasing your SEO.

Theres a bit of work involved in setting up the whole program but its not difficult and its worth it. Once you setup this sytem its pretty much set and forget. It also finds you 100 new followers on each account every 24 hours by using keywords that you enter into the program targeted at your niche. The result of all this will give you much better search results and more qaulity traffic rather than having to market to social site followers the traffic will come to YOUR site via search engines. It produces better qaulity traffic which produces better results. You’ll find that your search engine results will improve as this app increases your backlinks every 24/7.

Theres’s 2 choices when building backlinks with social media marketing: You can use a twitter application or twitter software. I use a twitter app which is the most popular as it offers more features and benefits.

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can you please tell us what is the name of twitter app you are talking about. Can you please also mention a source to that twitter application? I've read your complete blog but could not found any resource here. Thank you

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