Infections Caused By Breast Enlargement Surgery

The breast enhancement procedure, also known as the breast implant procedure is a very popular surgical process that you can opt for if you wish to increase the size of your breasts. Such a process will lift the sagging of your breasts following child birth or weight loss. It will also reconstruct your breast after you have undergone mastectomy for cancer. Like all surgical procedures however, you have to prepare to face a number of complications and risks when you decide to undergo the breast augmentation procedure. There are many infections that are likely to occur around the surgical area following breast augmentation surgery.

Infections resulting from Breast Surgery and their Treatment

Infections caused by Breast Enhancement Surgery

One of the most common infections that are caused as a result of the breast implant surgery is staphylococcus. This infection tends to develop usually within four and six weeks after your surgery. The staph bacteria will live quite harmlessly on your skin surface. However, it will cause infection in your skin if your skin is punctured or broken. The infection will appear at the site of incision which the breast augmentation makes during your surgery. To prevent the onset of such an infection however, your breast augmentation surgeon will scrub the surface of your skin using a disinfectant before he pierces your skin.

The breast augmentation surgeon will also provide you with a set of instructions as to how you should clean your wounds such as the use of antibacterial soaps when you are bathing.. Another common infection that you can suffer from after undergoing a breast implant surgery is MRSA. This is an infection that will be likely to occur to you in the hospital where you are undergoing your surgery. If you suffer from a compromised immune system then you will be especially vulnerable to such an infection. The MRSA infection is highly contagious and is spread by the contact between your skin and another person's skin. Treating the Infections Caused by Breast Enhancement Surgery

Treatment for Infections associated with Breast Surgery

You should opt for non invasive treatments for treating the infections that you suffer from after undergoing breast augmentation surgery. These are known to be extremely effective. You can also use ointments for curing breast surgery infections. After your breast augmentation surgeon has carried out the surgery, he will prescribe antibiotics which you have to consume. These antibiotics will help to prevent or cure the infections caused by the breast surgery. For example, if you suffer from staphylococcus after breast enhancement surgery, you can cure your situation by consuming antibiotics. However, before you do so you must consult both your surgeon as well as your personal physician. You also need to ensure that the hospital where you undergo the surgery is characterized by good cleanliness as well as hygiene facilities.

Thus, when you know about the infections caused by breast surgery and their treatment, you will be able to adequately take care of yourself before and after the surgery.


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