Is Creamed Honey, Raw Honey?

There are many products on the shelves that make you believe that raw honey is only raw when it is in a solid-like creamed state. This state is also referred to as Creamed Honey.

Although creamed honey can be raw, it does not necessarily mean that only creamed honey is raw honey. This milky, thick texture is formed due to crystallization. Nearly all types of honey crystallize. One exception is Tupelo Honey. However, the time it takes raw honey to crystallize depends upon the pollen source and temperature at which raw honey is stored.

In addition to creamed honey raw honey can also be found in liquid form. In fact when honey is extracted from the comb, it is in liquid form. Only from the crystallization process does raw liquid honey become creamed honey.

The last type of raw honey is the actual honey comb itself before it has been extracted.


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