Kota Kinabalu strolling trip

The seafood in Kota Kinabalu town is gorgeous. Visiting one will make you think that you are at a marine park. I took a trip to pulau gaya by a speed boat will take only minutes to reach the other side. And this is the usual transportation the locals used.

The boatman had stopped me at a school, which is also build on stilts. So I made my way towards the resort which lays somewhere to the west north.

From the town, pulau gaya seems like an laidback coastal village. But on nearer observation, it's a place of immigrants and lacking basic amenities like water and electricity. The villagers live in houses with stilts above the seawater, which are so flimsy, strong winds would have toppled them. The beach nearby is also littered with rubbish, plastic bags, and is so polluted, it deserves to be called a slum. And children plays amidst all this.

But as I reached the resort, the whole scenery changed. Now you could see, nice sandy beaches, with fishes and corals. There's even a marine conservation center, and a seafood restaurant. Pulau Gaya is like a 2 face island. One contains the slums, and the other paradise.

A trip to the local pasar malam was quite interesting as well. Seafood is usually roasted with fire, and displayed for patrons to choose from.


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