Leaked iPhone 4S Pre-order Page from Globe Telecom

An anonymous source gave us this link of the pre-order page for the iPhone 4S from Globe Telecom. This could mean we’re really almost close to the launch of the iPhone 4S in the Philippines (but we already knew that from Globe’s CEO a couple days ago).

The page is typical of the pre-order page of Globe when they do online reservations for the iPhone (as we’ve seen in the last several years). Double-checked it several times and it looks like it’s nowhere to be found on Globe’s homepage which tells us this is still “unofficial”.

What’s interesting is that the pre-order page online offers the 16GB and the 32GB variants (both Black & White) and not the 64GB. It’s possible this page is still not finalized and waiting for approval from above and, obviously, the go-signal from Apple.

Tried filling up the form and went thru until the “Thank You” page which even indicates a number to call for further assistance. There was no information on pricing or postpaid plans.


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