List 20 Free Hosting and Free Subdomains

Fortified by the number of people looking for good hosting, hosting both free and no ads so I felt obligated to discuss the 20 places that featured hosting its pretty good. Okay, below is a list of free hosting with a decent quality.


350MB space, 15GB bandwidth, no banners

Supported using Vista Panel control panel, MySQL, PHP, FTP, Free subdomain ( Suitable for e-commerce shop, a gallery of personal photos or business content management systems. From the bottom of page views this site, you will find lots of free hosting which is similar to


100 MB Space, 1000 MB Bandwidth, No banner

Host free hosting package at this site supports Microsoft FrontPage, and Dreamweaver. Also provide a complete service, such as Website Builder, Blog, Gallery and WebForum.


200 MB Space, 5 GB Bandwidth, No Banner

Hostingan It supports PHP, Perl, CGI and MySQL, five special email account to your website and much more.


250 MB Space, 6 GB Bandwidth, No banner

View this site similar to, just maybe they had one in college majors. Even the quota and any features resembling If you’ve ever tried services, such as that the quality of services provided


300 MB Space, 6 GB Bandwidth, No banner

Hosting is worth a try, the service is pretty good. Support FTP accounts, Unlimited POP email accounts, Fantastico type installer, VistaPanel Control Panel, 5 MySQL databases.


Space 25 MB, 2 GB Bandwidth, No banner

Support free web based email, data backup free, control panel web, guest book, file manager, online website builder and more.


Space 50 MB, 1 GB Bandwidth, No banner

This hosting service is pretty good. Not many know the netters are hosting this, perhaps because its features are less complete. Such features are not supported FTP Access and WordPress blog script.


Space 100 MB, 1 GB Bandwidth, No banner

A total of 120 thousand subdomains have been created from this site, the service we do not know because we have not tried. But there’s nothing wrong if you try this hostingan service. According to information from “Google” hosting less interesting to the official site, even better if only used for practice to build a site, Hence … a lot of collection sites neglected and ignored.


300 MB Space, 10 GB Bandwidth, No banner

This one of the best with standard features most from free hosting, you can enjoy a complete Script Auto service and support for Joomla, Vista Panel, Full ht.access, monitor websites, Full FTP Access, Blog, forum, 24 Hour Service with Live and Free Bonus Extras chat.


300 MB Space, 10 GB Bandwidth, No banner

Features that you would get from hosting these are: Vista Panel, Web mail, PHP Flags manager POP email accounts, 7 MySQL databases, Automatic installer (29 scripts), Password protected folders, 5 Add-on domains, FTP accounts, PHP MyAdmin , 5 Sub domains, File manager (browser upload)


Unlimitted Space, Bandwidth Unlimitted, no banners,

This free hosting is really horrendous, providing versatile services unlimitted, because I’m so with no banners. Condition, you are just required to have, except you can not use this service for free hosting.


MB Space, 1027 MB Bandwidth, No banner

One of Indonesia’s best free hosting. We’ve never tried this hostingan service. Worth in acungi thumb is to use Vista Panel control panel. But unfortunately, a bit slow when you login to the control panel, may result from banner ads that many displayed in the Control Panel.


5 GB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, no banners

This is still relatively new hosting, a new establishment in 2008. But do not get me wrong, though still just standing in the year 2008, hostingan will be attractive to the availability ht.access for the resellers mania. Rather difficult indeed to find the available free hostingan ht.access service. To get a free hosting, before you are required to become a member After registering to become a member, then you will be given no membership. No it useful when completing the registration form For those who do not understand the English language will probably no trouble finding the location of such membership. Somewhat hidden in the Forum Posts.


20 GB Space, 200 GB Bandwidth, no banners

There is another good hosting service, called, large space and large bandwidth, making this hosting faforit abroad (countries other than Indonesia of course). But, unfortunately look less professional, as evidenced from an email service which still use google mail.


10 GB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, No banner

Has the features of PHP 5, SQL support, the Installer Script, Free web statistics, Website Builder instant activation, and others.


Unlimitted Space, Bandwidth Unlimitted, No banner

It’s also versatile Unlimitted hosting service, for some reason many are interested in using this free hosting. Pretty good service. Some internet users use this site to try


7 GB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, No banner

Services from this hosting is good enough, you’re ready to be served a complaint for 7 × 24 hours.


2GB Space, Bandwidth Unlimitted, No banner

Hostingannya look more professional service. You can try it. This site features PHP5, FTP access, MySQL & PostgreSQL, and two other free options with different service providers.


Unlimitted Space, Bandwidth Unlimitted, No banner

Sites with Unlimitted Service is the first time on the internet quite a lot of interested persons. But unfortunately, the service is less satisfactory. You really get Unlimitted service, but you can not upload files to your control panel “file manager”. So what’s the point unlimitted service?

If you are interested and want to use the services of this site, after having an account, you no longer need to upload your own files, simply use Fantastisco Auto Installer, and then install the display the site you want.


1500 MB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth , No banner ($0.00 webhost), is an industry leader in providing top class free web hosting services without advertising! There are no hidden costs, no adverts, and no restrictive terms. Lighting fast speeds, maximum reliability and fanatical user support are just a few of the features you’ll receive with our service.


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