Logitech Alert Video Security System gets Dropbox support, lets you park 100GB of footage in the cloud

We liked Logitech's Alert Video Security System when we took it for a week-long spin last year, which at that point allowed remote access to live HD camera footage, and video stored on your PC. But a new partnership with Dropbox adds cloud storage to the equation, letting you boot video directly to the web to supplement the PC- and microSD-based options already in place.

Packages are available today, and come with 2GB of storage for free, 50GB for $10 per month or 100GB for $20 per month -- Logitech isn't exactly giving away the service, but when you consider that a bare-bones Alert system costs $300, those virtual add-ons sound a bit more reasonable. Jump past the break for the full rundown from Logitech, and get ready to beef up those passwords -- having your email account hacked is one thing, but you certainly don't want anyone watching you at home, in real-time or the past.


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