O2 launches LTE trial across UK ahead of next year's 4G spectrum auction

BT's gonna have to make some room at the 4G table, now that O2 has launched its very own LTE trial across the UK. Today, the provider dipped its toes into the LTE pool for the first time within London, a little less than a year after announcing a similar test across Germany. The nine-month trial will begin at 25 test locations across London, before spreading out to encompass a full 40 square kilometers and some 1,000 participants.

Obviously, not all customers will be able to grab a slice of the pie, but those who do receive one of Samsung's B3730 modems will benefit from connection speeds of up to 100Mbps. According to the company, that should allow users to download a 500MB file in just one minute, compared to the five minutes it would take on a normal 3G connection. Time will only tell whether these dreams become a reality, but O2 is certainly hoping to benefit from the feedback it receives from its guinea pigs, ahead of next year's 4G spectrum auction.


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