Outfits; In the Morning

Guest Post By Melissa

A random collection of outfit pictures in terrible quality because my new computer does not have Photoshop on it yet so I had to resize the images in Paint, haha. In life news, I'm not blonde anymore! Although the dark brown I dyed it over with has faded a lot. :( Also, I have comfortably moved into my new place for a few months now and it feels like I've been in school for YEARS already.

But it's actually not too bad and I'm still trying to be as fashionable (and comfortable) as possible in shorts, shorts, and oh yeah, more shorts. I've accumulated quite the collection. The first outfit features my buttery, brown leather hot pants which I realized can only be worn with thick tights to avoid being intimately known by anyone who walks behind me.

Second, my barely there, pleated, chiffon nude shorts which I love with a plain sweatshirt and high heeled sandals. Third, a pair of black corduroy shorts with a high-necked tank and my trusty olive green jacket. And finally a black, silk skort (yes, skirt in the front, shorts in the back, haha) paired with a delicate, patterned green sweater and my pony-hair white sandals.

Hope all is well with everyone and that you're looking forward to layering once the temperatures drop a bit more, haha, thank you for visiting and all of your amazing comments!! :)

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