PLDT myDSL Quick Preview

After a long and tedious year without internet connection in the house, I finally got a link to the world wild web via myDSL, Philippine Long Distance Company's primer Broadband Internet access. The company recently added a broadband service here in my area, progress that I have been watching closely since I lost my Smart Broadband connection last December of 2010 when we transferred to a house that was a dead zone. I got no other option since Globe Telecom also have no broadband service in the area.

Anyways, the set up that I got is the Plan 990 Bundle, unlimited internet, landline and watchpad under a 12 month lock up period. The DSL connection is up to 384kps as advertised, the landline as a norm is unlimited call province-wide while the watchpad is a service that allows users to watch TV online, chat with fellow watchpad users, blog and share files.

The myDSL speed so far was good enough like if compared to Globe's EDGE with my phone as a modem while against Smart Broadband, I would say its the same as far as I can remember but I'll try to compare them up with the office's SmartBro using and gauge the difference.

How about the landline? I cannot appreciate it really because I got a mobilephone but lets see in the few days time how this "old" technology could work for me.

And the watchpad..?.. Well, at the moment, I have a problem in registering my account so I have no idea how it works. The system lead me to install a PC application so far, a watchpad application but I cannot log-in because I don't have an account set-up yet.

So there you go, few info's I can share o far. Lets see how everything works out in a weeks time. Stay tuned! Gotta surf, surf and surf!


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