Sabah; Rich Results, Population's Poor

By Omar Dani

Former founder of Umno Sabah, Datuk Karim Ghani Economic Monitoring report acknowledges the validity of Malaysia (MEM) by the World Bank, that Sabah categorized as the poorest state in Malaysia, according to TV Selangor.

Sabah says the report, representing 10 per cent of Malaysia has a 40 per cent of people classified as poor. Accordingly, Karim also refuted the statement of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) State that denied the MEM report. Leaders who have both struggled with characters independence, Tun Datu Mustapha Datu Harun said the problem exists because of the agreement during the formation of Malaysia shall not be discharged. "Sabah state is rich, the poor and the rich people are also leaders. Report of the World Bank is right," which aims to revive katannya USNO.

EPU action in relation to refute the report, Karim said this was because the BN government simply did not recognize the poor people of Sabah. "rapt statement repeated by leaders of Sabah, the end of this year all the people were out of poverty. "... we have this rich oil, no timber, palm oil, but its people are poor because of improper administration. "The only developed city with sky-scraping buildings, but in rural areas, people still merempat. "As in Batu Sapi, if we look at the place of Muslims there, I was dripping tears because merempat while Batu Sapi is a Chief Minister, a lot of timber and palm oil, "he said. Claims Karim, the Umno-BN deliberately let the people of Sabah are poor so that their votes easily purchased in a election time.

"This is about leadership, if leaders govern well, what the party was good, but since 1985 the people of Sabah worse. On average workers in Sabah, earning less than RM 500, except government officials and the senior leadership," he said. He also criticized the mega projects like the airport terminal building costing RM 1.2 billion which he claimed did not benefit the people of Sabah, especially those living in villages who do not ever set foot into the terminal. "mega project can seem beautiful, but the project in the village, what is. "For the road, but to no avail to the people so know how to increase the income of the people to get out of poverty," he said.


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