Samsung Galaxy S2 goes pink in Korea

Back in September 2010, Samsung’s flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S, received a pink makeover in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S Femme edition. Well, it looks like its new flagship device this year is about to receive the same treatment as well. The company has just launched the pink version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in South Korea. Other than the face and back of the phone given a pink coat of paint, there doesn’t seem to be any other changes to the phone (which isn’t a bad thing since the phone in itself is a very good device in the first place).

Will the use of pink help push this high end Android phone to the female audience? Possibly. Though the shade of pink used doesn't look like it would be too feminine for a man to use either. No word on whether the phone will be making it out to other parts of the world, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was available out of Korea.


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