ShieldVPN v5 for Globe Tattoo and SmartBro

Download New Version of ShieldVPN v5 11 in 1 Edition by Team Patotoy.With 40 servers of Hotspot Shield(HSS) and 28 servers for Expat Shield. New Graphic User Interface.


Globe Configuration
Access number: *99#
Advanced: Authentication Protocol Settings: PAP

Smart Configuration
APN: internet
Dial #: *99#
Advanced: Authentication Protocol Settings: PAP/CHAP

Use HSS TCP protocol: 443,5000,9200 ports.


Currently, that file version was while the latest version is You need to update to latest version because it will add 15 New Servers of ExpatShield.
  1. Connect it
  2. Then click Misc button
  3. check for the updates.
Heres the quick steps:
1. First download the software here:
Prior to run successfully the shieldVPN application, you must have to install .Net Framework 3.5 libraries

But to be able to install .NET Framework 3.5 you must have to install first Framework 2.0

Download .NET Framework 2.0

Download .NET Framework 3.5

2. Once finished installing these libraries -> run the ShieldVPN
3. Done! Just choose what ISP (globe/smart) you are using

Click the Toolbar (G) for GLOBE and (S) for smart auto configuration

Note by Script_kiddie:
Recommended port is automatically selected when changing server, protocol and network.
But some say using an specific port makes their connection faster and also fix some connection problem (can't browse). You can manually select a port to connect to but there are no guarantees that it will always work.

Troubleshoot ShieldVPN (faqs)

Read FAQs: Troubleshoot ShieldVPN here


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