Skype make more money with Facebook integration

Skype lovers, the new beta version 5.5 software for Microsoft Windows is already on the market and brings an interesting new feature: integration with Facebook. What does it works? In Skype 5.5 Beta, you'll have some new features such as "Facebook Instant Messaging" - a chat with Facebook friends directly on Skype - and 'Contacts Bar Facebook ", a tab within Skype, which contains your list contact the program. If the contact is also connected to Skype, just call him for a chat.

Another nice application is that you will be able to "enjoy", and even comment on the status of friends without having to log into Facebook. Other new features are enhancements to the software itself, such as the redesign of icons and graphics toolbar control of new calls; easier to save phone numbers and visual enhancements to make a call. You download the new version here and see.

via Geeky Gadgets and skype


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