Stillday Cosmetics - Nail Polish No.25

Today I am more than happy to buy a Chanel but I can not tell you what it is ... For days I'll try it and then you speak quietly! :)

So, having praised the quality of this brand of glazes in this post , today I'll talk about a color that already love to die for: the bright green No. 25. A very fashionable colors this fall / winter (just a round of perfumes and / or clothing stores to figure it out). I would never have thought of buying a glaze of this color, but combined with camel-colored I have to admit that I really like ... And I brown and camel, I use them almost every day!

As you can see from the photos, the color is bright enough (even with a single writing), it dries in minutes and is quite resistant to shock (if you have 2 coats of enamel). As I wrote in my previous post, do not contains toxic substances such as toluene , camphor and formaldehyde but if you know of other toxic substances which are not aware please let me know.

I do not understand entirely of accident, but as always I show you the photo of the back of the bottle. The beauty of this brand of enamel is that the packages are 15ml, compared to other brands so you can make multiple applications!


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