Swann releases Freestyle HD, begs you to capture 1080p underwater via LCD viewer

Looking to step your game up when capturing surfing footage from atop your longboard? Swann is aiming to lend a helping hand with its newfangled Freestyle HD wearable video camera. This offering is the company's first that sports a detachable 1.5-inch LCD viewer for taking a peek at your 1080p video capture in real-time -- which you can capture at up to 30 fps.

You'll also be able to snap eight megapixel JPEGs should you so choose with 3x digital zoom at your disposal. Waterproof at depths up to 65 feet, the Freestyle HD can be helmet-mounted, attached to your favorite fixed-gear or the roof of your rally car via the three included mounting brackets.

The camera will connect directly to an HDTV for viewing, or you can hop over to a PC via a microSD card or USB transfer. You can expect 2.5-hour battery life and a $279 price tag to boot -- too bad that flight to the southern hemisphere isn't nearly as affordable.


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