Team-based mech simulation title to use free-to-play model; exclusively for PC.

The last time PC gamers heard about a BattleTech title (specifically, the MechWarrior series) was back in 2009 when IP holders Smith & Tinker announced that Piranha Games was developing an all-new MechWarrior title for the Xbox 360 and PC. Fast forward to today, and Piranha Games has announced its game as MechWarrior Online.

According to the game site's FAQ section, MechWarrior Online will be solely for the PC and will be using a free-to-play model. The title will focus on team play and multiplayer, with class types like scout and assault along with various BattleMech builds. The FAQ also notes that customization options will include mech loadouts, decals, paint jobs, and equipment.

The mech designs announced at this time include the atlas, hunchback, and Jenner, with more to come. Piranha Games also said that the publisher of the title is Infinite Game Publishing.

According to the development blog, the title was initially going to be for the Xbox 360 as well. However, a Microsoft restriction (the Xbox 360 maker sold the MechWarrior rights to Smith & Tinker in 2007) prevented the developer from bringing the series to the PlayStation 3, and the game the team had wanted to make was considered economically unfeasible for publishers without being multiplatform. As a result, the scope, design, and target platforms of the game were changed.


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