DuPont's AMOLED HDTV tech licensed by... someone, will likely be used to build HDTVs

DuPont has wanted to bring AMOLED HDTVs to market since at least 2006, and now it appears they've found a partner to help make that happen. There's no name given, but a "leading Asian manufacturer" (Samsung's shown off the tech before and we figure it has some R&D cash to reallocate after dumping ZScreen) has apparently licensed the tech and, we assume, plans to put it to use.

DuPont claims AMOLED HDTVs will be better than current LCDs in pretty much every way (color, contrast, response speed, viewing angle, power efficiency), as long they actually ever go on sale. Given the timing, we're hoping there will be something to see come CES time so we can find out if 2012 will finally be OLED's year. The press release is after the break, along with a quick video showing where AMOLED's come from: First, a slot coat HIL and primer layers have to love each other very, very much...


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