Algorithm predicts wayward drivers

Do you think that we humans love a good challenge, always pushing the proverbial envelope? After all, how else do you explain the situation where we are obsessed with records and want to break them even though they seem to be nigh impossible? Well, crossing the red light is another example, although it is a whole lot more dangerous compared to say, attempting to break other more mundane records. MIT researchers have come up with an algorithm which is said to be able to predict as to whether a car is primed to run a red light. Hopefully, this calculation, should it be correct, might help prevent millions of accidents and up to 700 deaths each should it work in unison with vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication.

So far, the algorithm has undergone testing on over 15,000 vehicles, and the results are encouraging to say the least, although it is not 100% fool proof yet, and neither is it very close to being ready to be released. You might be behaving perfectly all right behind the wheel, but someone else might be the polar opposite, and at a junction with traffic lights making sure everything goes well, you might find yourself to be in a tight situation after the crashing sound.


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