Can Wi-Fi on laptops damage sperm?

It is said that urbanization has its fair share of benefits, but brings along with it a slew of problems as well. Certain quarters out there feel that we as humans are going to get extinct in due time simply because of our selfishness, not to mention the kind of pollution that we send into our environment that just about everything we eat and consume these days have been processed or synthesized, that what used to be natural and pure is now deemed as “organic”. Ironic, don’t you think so? Having said that, all the different pollution might even affect our future in terms of reproductive health, as there are scientists who wonder whether using Wi-Fi on a laptop when you’re surfing could cause harm to a man’s fertility.

How did they come across this theory? Well, lab work pointed to ejaculated sperm being damaged significantly a mere four hours into exposure of a Wi-Fi blanket, where these sperm were less mobile in their swimming, experiencing some changes to the genetic code that they carry to boot. Of course, the experts claim that this might not translate to a real world scenario, so all the men out there need not worry too much. Will this news see potential dads return to an Ethernet connection for their daily dose of Internet on a laptop?


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