Coca-Cola’s OFW Project Video Now Viral

The advent of social networking has made it easier for marketing campaigns to get noticed. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are partly to blame for the proliferation of corporate-sponsored viral videos. Some videos go viral for being funny like Pepsi’s Sa Akin Ang Pinas, while some for conveying heartwarming message. Coca-Cola’s viral video belongs to the latter group.

Coca-Cola’s campaign “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” lead to the creation of the OFW Project, which made it possible for three overseas Filipino workers to go home to the Philippines to join their families for Christmas. The OFWs’ stories, from the time they got their respective emails from Coca-Cola, to the time they finally met their families in the Philippines, were documented and the product is the now viral OFW Project video. The OFWs featured in the video are Joey Doble from Pampanga, Leonie Villanueva from Quezon City and Joe Marie Ballon from Iloilo City.

The video entitled Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project has now gathered more than 350,000 views on YouTube and has been widely shared and talked about on Facebook and Twitter. Most of those who watched the video claimed they were moved to tears and recommended that others watch it too.

Here’s that video.


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