How to add Facebook stream to Google+

It’s been more than a week now since The Google+ project was announced and most of you are already on Google+ enjoying all of its features. However introduction of Google+ has added another social network account to your existing Facebook & Twitter accounts. With all the social networking going on, it can be difficult to keep track your friend’s updates.

Just imagine yourself switching between browser tabs and Social networking accounts to check what your friends doing. However Google+ allows integrating your Facebook and Twitter Streams with your Google+ Stream. This can be easily done via the Browser Extension known as "Google+Facebook" & "Google Tweet" Extension. In his post we will concentrate on how to add Facebook Stream to your Google + Account.

1. Download and install the Google+Facebook Extension From here. (It works on Chrome and Firefox, haven’t tested for IE)

2. Now login to your Google plus account.You will see a ‘Facebook’ icon just next to the ‘Home’ icon.

3. Click on the Facebook icon. It will ask you to connect to your Facebook account.

4. Allow Facebook to share information with the application.

5. That’s it. You will see your Facebook Stream within Google +.


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