Paypal Philippines

Paypal is a great website and tool for managing your payments online. It is a great way to secure your debit or credit card number, so your card will not get hacked. In other words - it is safer and easier to pay and receive money online.

Luckily, Paypal had already come to the Philippines, but, UNFORTUNATELY, it has setbacks, and limitations unlike the Paypal in the US and other countries.

Philippines is under the SEND.RECEIVE.WITHDRAW Services of Paypal in our country.

I, personally had used paypal in paying a 2 dollar stuff online, and it was successful.

So, I tried adding more funds from my bank account to my paypal because I wanted to buy a $100 value online.

So, I tried adding funds, but it failed.

I got really frustrated!

Because of this, I had to cancel out my order online, because I couldn't get access to my account.

So, I did a few research about Paypal Services in the Philippines. And I found a lot of forums and people discussing about it, and having the same problem as mine.

My bank is Banco de Oro, and it is the one linked through my PayPal.

LUCKILY!!!, I have found a bank which is in support of PayPal - that is the UNION BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES.

See that???? See that????

I am opening an account in UNIONBANK!!!! But I will still keep my BDO account, I love BDO.


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