Alfa AWUS051NH 802.11n Dual Band 300 mbps Wireless-N USB adapter

Dual band 802.11n WiFi from Alfa Networks is here! This is the Alfa AWUS051NH wireless 802.11a/b/g/n USB adapter. It works with B/G and N networks on the 2.4 GHZ frequency and also works with 802.11n and 802.11a networks on the 5 GHz frequency. This is compatible with Apple’s dual band Time Capsule (fully functional with Apple’s dual band time capsule, but initial Time Capsule configuration must be done via Ethernet cable).

This is fully Mac compatible- works with any Mac with a G3, G4, G5, or Intel Mac processor that runs Mac OS 10.3 or later. For those with 10.6, unless you have changed your Mac configuration from factory settings to boot into 64-bit kernel, this will be compatible. If you have configured your Mac to boot to 64-bit kernel, you will need to revert back to factory settings or this device will not work.

This includes a free window mount dock holder with interchangeable suction cup and clip fasteners. Easily attach the adapter to any suction-cup compatible surface like a window, or clip it to the back of your laptop! This device is compatible with, and includes software for, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7. This also works with Mac OS 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 Snow Leopard. This device will work with Snow Leopard running a 32-bit kernel, but will not operate if you select to boot your Snow Leopard Mac with a 64-bit kernel.

Special note: we recommend this device for use with single band or dual band 802.11n access points/routers. We do not recommend it for use with 802.11g access points/routers. When used with 802.11g signals, though it is compatible, it functions more like a basic range G wireless adapter. You will find that Alfa’s long range 802.11g adapter, the model AWUS036H sold here, picks up better to 802.11g access points, and you may also find that other long range G products pick up better as well. This product will give you good long ranges to 802.11n routers, and is a must-have for people that own a dual band 802.11n router.

At last, a low cost dual-band 802.11n wireless adapter for Mac owners:

  • This item is fully Mac compatible and is a great alternative to pricey Airport brand dual-band Wi-Fi adapters
  • Adds dual-band 802.11n functionality to any Mac, even ones with an existing Airport card or wireless card
  • No Airport card needed to use this on a Mac
  • Special bonus edition- includes FULL-SIZED CD-ROM for Macs (standard version comes only with mini-CD that does not fit slot-loading drives on Macs) which contains detailed Mac instructions written by skilled Rokland technicians who have been Mac owners going back to the Mac Classic!
A note about transfer speed: this provides a maximum of 300 megabits per second (mbps) data transfer. This does not mean your connection will be 300 mbps. To connect at 300 mbps, you must have an 802.11n router capable of 300 mbps speeds, and you must also have the router set to N-only mode in its internal settings. 802.11n routers that are set to mixed G/N mode to allow for backward compatibility with 802.11g devices will provide slower connection speeds to 802.11n devices. If your speed is between 65 and 150 mbps, you have an 802.11n connection, but you can likely improve the speed by putting your router into N-only mode, and adjusting between the 20 and 40 MHz band in your router settings. Also keep in mind that connection speeds will be lower as the distance between the router and adapter are greater. Your router has as much to do with your connection speed as this WiFi adapter so if you are not achieving desired connection speeds please contact us with you router brand and model for suggestions on what to do.

This includes the Alfa adapter, USB cable, 5 dBi gain antenna, driver CD, and a docking mount which has an interchangeable suction cup and clip. So you can easily affix this to a suction cup-compatible surface like a window, or clip it to the back of your laptop when you are on the go.

Additional product features:

· RP-SMA external antenna connector (includes 5 dBi gain antenna)
· Soft AP mode
· Compatible with all the latest encryption standards including WEP, WPA, WPA 2, and 802.1x
· Does ship with Linux drivers but we cannot verify compatibility with particular distros or offer any Linux support

More about dual-band networking:

Dual band 802.11n wireless networking offers some advantages that single band 802.11n networking cannot, but there are some requirements and limitations. For starters, to take advantage of the dual-band capabilities of this or any 802.11n dual-band adapter, you must also have a dual-band 802.11n wireless router to which you are connecting. If you are connected to a single band 802.11n router, or an 802.11g router, you will not be able to utilize the 5 GHz functionality this product offers.

-When to use 5 GHz-

Many dual-band 802.11n routers will let you broadcast two network signals simultaneously, one 2.4 GHz signal and a separate 5 GHz signal. The 2.4 GHz band offers slower speeds, but can transmit over a further distance and penetrate obstacles better. The 5 Ghz band offers great speed improvement, but is not able to transmit as far.

· Use 5 GHz to stream video or transfer files from your router to your computer when in the same room as the router (or relatively close by)
· Use 2.4 GHz when you need to get a connection from further away
· Using 5 Ghz allows optimal 802.11n speed performances. Simultaneously running a 2.4 GHz signal will allow older 802.11g devices in your home to still connect to your wireless network.
· Use 5 GHz in a small apartment in a city area where there are a lot of 2.4 GHz networks in operation, creating lots of interference

Some dual band 802.11n routers, such as the early versions of the Apple Time Capsule, do not support simultaneous networks and require you to choose to broadcast either a 2.4 GHz signal or a 5 GHz signal. Note that when running a 5 GHz-only signal on these types of devices, older 802.11g or 802.11b devices will not be able to connect to it. In that case, if 5 GHz connectivity is desired, it is recommended to get one of these dual band Alfa devices for each compatible device in your home. This way they can all connect at 5 GHz.


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