Configuring ZTE ZXDSL 831AⅡ Modem Router in PPPoE Mode

A. For always on mode
  • Go to "network connection" in control pannel, right click "local area network"
  • Click "properties".

1. From list select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)",
2. Click "properties".
3. In general tab click "use the following ip address" and enter as follows
  • IP
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway:
4. DNS Server:
5. Click Ok

B. Now open web browser and type address in address bar and log in using
  • Username: admin / password: admin
  • Click Ok
  • Click "configure" in left side,

And now on internet connection configuration page click "ADD" if you already do not have pppoe_0_35 setting in modem,
  • Click "Internet"
  • Click Add

If you already have pppoe_0_35 entry as shown here, do not Click Add, Click Edit the pen thumbnail.

If there is already a listing of pppoe_0_35 then click corrosponding EDIT butten or click ADD.

C. After clicking ADD/EDIT in "configure atm pvc" page select these
  • VPI 0
  • VCI 35
  • Service Category UBR without the PCR
  • Next

D. In next page configuration connection type:
  • Select "PPP over Ethernet" and Encapsulation Type: "LLC/SNAP"
  • Click Next

E. In configuration WAN IP Address settings page select
  • Click obtain an IP address automatically
  • Click Enable NAT
  • Click Add default Route
  • Click NEXT

F. Configure Broadband username and password page
  • Select service name (anything)
  • Usernaem (username provided by bsnl without, or etc
  • Password (provided by bsnl)
  • Reenter password
  • Select always on
  • Click NEXT

G. In next Summary page
  • Click Apply, and you are done.........

Restart modem, to restart. Click system, click reset and restart. Click restart (without reset selection).

H. You will get page like this
  • Click connect on next page with user / pass
  • Click connect

Status can be seen after connection
  • Click status
  • Click internet connection


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