DreamHost.com Review

DreamHost was originally started as a web hosting provider in 1997, but soon became an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited domain registrar. Fast forward more than a decade, and the company has grown to consist of more than 1500 web servers, and it currently hosts over 800,000 web sites.

Being a completely green company, DreamHost generates most of their energy from wind and solar power. Since the company saves on resources, they're able to pass these savings on to the customer while also helping the planet. The following information details the services currently being offered by DreamHost.com.

Domain Registration

Through their user-friendly site, customers and first-time visitors can register, renew and transfer domains with ease. After registering a domain with DreamHost, you can then log in to their comprehensive domain management platform in which all of the main functions of the domain, such as name servers and email settings, can be adjusted.

Being an industry player for such a long time, the company can afford to offer competitive pricing on all of their domain TLDs, and it even provides free domain names with their web hosting plans. Customers can also search the WHOis database on the DreamHost web site, and private domain registration is also available.

Web Hosting

First started as a web hosting company, DreamHost has the ability to offer the best hosting services for competitive pricing, while promising 100 percent uptime and 24 hour support for all of their plans. The company offers a wide range of hosting services, including VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting in both the Windows and Linux platforms.

DreamHost currently offers the longest money back guarantee in the industry – 97 days! That gives you more than 3 months to decide whether or not you like DreamHost's services.

DreamHost's basic web hosting plan for $8.95 per month includes all of the features one could ever need in a hosting plan, including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and domains hosted.

If you're looking for a simple yet robust web hosting solution that utilizes green energy and has been trusted since 1997, then DreamHost may literally be your Dream Host.

DreamHost Goals

DreamHost is an employee-owned company that strives to keep a neutral carbon-footprint to maintain the health of our planet while passing energy savings on to their customers. Through live chat, phone and email support, customers can have productive conversations with qualified individuals that are specifically trained to deal with everyday hosting issues. If you’re in search of a reliable and reputable hosting company and domain registrar, then there are few classier solutions than DreamHost.


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