Fabulous.com Review

Fabulous.com is a domain registrar and premium domain devices provider that specializes in domain monetization and registration. The company utilizes a unique and revolutionary PPC revenue sharing concept to monetize their domains, as well as the domains of their customers. This concept basically generates advertising profits that are then shared between the customer and Fabulous.com.

Having built a network of successfully monetized domains since their inception, Fabulous.com is so confident in their ability to monetize domains using PPC advertising that they use the very same methods on their own domain portfolio.

The following information outlines the products and services that are currently offered by Fabulous.com.

Domain Registration

Fabulous.com offers affordable and convenient domain registration through their user-friendly site, through which visitors can also renew and transfer domains with ease. Fabulous.com offers discount domain pricing for all of their customers, and it also provides premium services for domain name professionals. In comparison to other domain registrars, Fabulous.com offers some of the cheapest domain prices on the internet, with the price of a .com registration starting at only $7.99 (whereas most registrars charge $9.99).

The company also offers domain privacy services and DNS record services through integrated WHOis database capabilities. For customers in need of an all-inclusive solution, the company provides the 'complete solution,' which is a combination of registration, sales and parking services.

Domain registration with Fabulous.com automatically includes WHOis privacy, parking services, and integrated sales channels.

Domain Management

Fabulous.com also offers industry leading domain management services that cover all aspects of domain administration. The site provides a Domain Manager Center that lets the domain registrant control the content that is displayed on the site, as well as select various revenue options.

To help customers get the most out of their domain management services, the company assigns each customer an account manager that specializes in providing quality advice on domain management. The Fabulous premium program PPC is one of the most comprehensive managed advertising domain solutions on the internet, providing geo targeted results that ultimately lead to greater profits.

How it Works

Domains are registered with Fabulous.com, and then the registrant utilizes the domain management and advertising services of the site to bring in residual income on a monthly basis with minimal effort. Payments are made on the 10th of each month for the Fabulous.com revenue share program. Every month, the amount due to the customer is deposited into the Fabulous.com account, which also allows the customer to purchase, renew and transfer domains instantly. In essence, Fabulous.com is an all-in-one domain registration, parking and monetization service.


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