Guyabano Shake

I was never a big fan of guyabano… I always thought of it as the milder cousin of durian, which I also lack a fondness for. Something about the consistency of the flesh, a bit phlegm-like if I must be honest, and the slightly off-putting flavor and aroma that accompanies it. So I have rarely purchased guyabano to enjoy just ripe and chilled, as I might say, atis or cherimoya. The reason I purchased this particular large specimen of guyabano was the stall and vendor selling it… it seemed to have a nice provenance, and maybe I could learn to overcome my dislike for the fruit…

Back at home, I let the fruit ripen for another 2-3 days until it was slightly soft and the peel beginning to yellow just a tad. I stuck it in the fridge and a few hours later split the fruit open. That same smell was there, but I tasted a few spoons of the pulp and it wasn’t that bad…but it wasn’t endearing either. So I tried in in another form, a simple shake made up of water, guyabano pulp, sugar syrup and ice. After a few seconds blitzing it, I tentatively poured half a small glass and tasted it. It was WONDERFUL! Creamy, pleasantly sweet/tart and flavorful, and extremely refreshing. Odd how a simple change in manner of serving the fruit could make such a difference!

This large fruit easily made 5-6 large guyabano shakes, so it was reasonably economical as well. There seems to be a lot of press on guyabano’s anti-cancer or cancer curing properties, so I guess it can’t hurt to drink up. Oh, but make sure to avoid the seeds, they have a mild toxin or poison when taken in large quantities. :)


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