iPhone 4 Diagram - Complete iPhone 4 Parts

Here is the diagram review of iPhone 4 complete parts, from which you will see the full parts, such as iPhone 4 front screen assembly, the iPhone 4 middle chassis assemlby and the back cover. Meanwhile you will get to know where exactly each part is located, and how they are installed.

On the let it is the complete front screen assembly, which includes the front glass panel with digitizer, supporting frame, the lcd display, as well as ant-dust mesh. In the middle, it is the middle chassis plate assembly set, which includes full small parts included into the mid plate. You can find what the detailed small parts are included for the iPhone 4 middle chassis plate assembly. On the right you will see the full back cover, which contains the back glass panel, the plastic supporting frame, camear lens and flash diffuser.

Please kindly take note proffessional skill is required for the iPhone 4 assembly or disassembly, so please make it absolutely sure you are qualified before your DIY. Considering those iPhone end users who are unafamiliar with iPhone repair, Aviso supplies the full ranges of repair set for your easy replacement. What you should do is to upplug the back cover, front screen assmembly, mainboard or battery and then replace with a new one. That's it.


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