Logic3 Ferrari Headphones And Speaker Docks Arriving In April

Fans of Ferrari might be pleased to know that a new range of Ferrari branded headphones created by Logic3 will be arriving in April. The new Logic3 headphones will be accompanied by speaker docks which will also be carrying the coveted supercar logo.

The new Logic3 Farrari headphones fall into two distinct lines, the Cavallino Collection which carries the luxurious style of Ferrari’s road going GT cars. Together with the Scuderia Collection patterned after the F1 racing team.

According to Logic3, the Ferrari team has worked closely with Logic3 at every stage of the design and development process to ensure that Ferrari by Logic3 collections live up to the Ferrari promise of absolute excellence.

However no details have been released as yet by Logic3 on the specification of each headset and the differences in sound quality between the two lines. Lets hope this becomes available closer to the launch date in the spring.

What we do know is that the ranges will vary in price from around $150/$225 for the earbuds, $225/$450 for the full sized headphones, and around $600 to $900 for the dock speakers. As more information becomes available we will keep you updated.



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