MarkMonitor offers the world's most renowned suite of brand protection products and services, currently trusted by more than half of the Fortune 100 list. The company is focused on helping businesses maintain the integrity of their brands online through precautionary methods and proactive service, which have been proven to be effective in case studies that are documented on the MarkMonitor site.

In essence, the site provides actionable brand protection intelligence for companies using a unique holistic approach. Through Markmonitor's products and services, companies can protect their revenue, web traffic and overall success without any expertise and at a low competitive price.

MarkMonitor has also been an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited domain registrar since 2000.

The following information outlines some of the products and services currently being offered by MarkMonitor.

Domain Management

Perhaps one of the company's most popular products is their domain management software and proprietary interface that help domain investors manage their portfolio of domains with ease. Using the MarkMonitor domain management product, you can efficiently protect your online brand and revenue using an integrated software solution that is specifically designed for the professional management of domain portfolios.

The company can make sure no one is jeopardizing your brand because they have global awareness of the domain market. Using a flexible and customizable ordering process, you and your employees can begin developing and scheduling domain registrations within a streamlined step-by-step process. Powerful tools help you keep track of what, when, and how any changes are occurring that are related to your domains. For domain speculators and resellers there is not better product than domain management with MarkMonitor.

Brand Protection

Some of the protection offered by domain management with MarkMonitor includes premium site security with state-of-the-art encryption methods, proactive domain scouting capabilities and strict criteria enforcements that keep you in control of any related domain names that may affect the integrity of your portfolio.

Using intuitive tools like Trademark Lookup and other resources within the integrated user-interface, customers can efficiently manage and resolve any outstanding issues that could be threatening their brand or portfolio. Domain management with MarkMonitor is the best way to avoid nefarious corporate web crimes like cyber squatting and brand jacking.

If you’re serious about preventing the potentially fraudulent use of your brand online, as well as the abuse of your hard-earned popularity and success, then a brand protection service from MarkMonitor may be needed. The services protect future investments, current revenue and reputation from abuse in the cyber community. In today's heavily branded society, keeping your company's honor intact is the only way to ensure success.


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