MediaTek laid the foundation for Gigabit WLAN

MediaTek chip manufacturers to disclose the basis for the creation of a standard router 802.11ac.
Semiconductor company MediaTek introduces chip on system (SoC) for wireless routers based on wireless networking standard 802.11ac promises gigabit speeds, on Monday, 01.09.2012, The company said. 802.11ac upcoming standard will provide higher speeds than are currently used by 802.11n using multiple frequency bands and antenna technology more advanced.

Wi-Fi Chip RT6856 SoC contains the CPU MediaTek MIPS 700MHz and 2 PCI Express interfaces to enable interoperability with other Wi-Fi chip 802.11ac (which the company is also developing), MediaTek said. As well as using in the router, set was created access point (access point - AP), RT6856 can also be used to integrate Wi-Fi on many consumer electronic products that previously were not possible, and not required to upgrade the processor.

RT6856 can encrypt traffic using IPsec also handle routing and speed up network address translation (Network Address Translation - NAT) hardware, MediaTek said.


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