Nameking is an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) certified company that is primarily committed to serving their network of distributors and bulk domain buyers. Nameking is a part of the family of sites, with being the leader in internet real estate specializing in the monetization, registration and sale of domain names.

Oversee offers a wide variety of domain management services to their domain investors and portfolio owners. Accumulatively, the network is responsible for the management and registration of more than 10 million domains.

Some of the other sites currently owned and operated by the hugely successful are SnapNames, DomainSponsor,, and Moniker.

The following information outlines some of the services currently being offered by

Domain Registration does not register individual domain names to consumers, as the site is geared towards the bulk sale of domains to domain investors and resellers. To register a single domain name or a small amount of domains, one must visit Nameking's sister site – Moniker, which is a top 10 domain registrar that is amongst the largest in the world.

Nameking only allows you to be a member of their bulk domain buying club if you maintain a purchase rate of 100 domains per month, and as such, it can provide the best discounts for domain investor, resellers and domain speculation companies.

Unlike the registration process associated with many retail domain registrars, applicants must send an email to the sales staff in order to become a registered Nameking distributor and domain buyer.

WHOis Information

The company also provides WHOis management services as well, which give you the opportunity to precisely control what appears as your DNS records for all of your domains. This option gives you greater privacy and is just one of the many domain management services that the company is currently offering.

Keep in mind that this service cannot be purchased on an individual basis, and that it is still part of the membership included with being a certified Nameking member. You cannot even begin to browse their services until you have logged in with your secure credentials.

Commitment to Bulk Domain Selling

Unlike many domain registrars that are interested in diversifying and selling web hosting, security and other online services, Nameking is the division of a massive domain network owned by, and therefore, it does not have to focus on anything else other than domain registration.

As such, members receive personalized attention and communication that cannot be found at a normal retail domain registrar. If you're interested in obtaining bulk amounts of domain names at the best price in the industry, and you are able to invest at least $1,000 per month, then Nameking is the perfect option for you as a domain investor, reseller or speculator.


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