No reasonable prices for HSBB

I think TM will adjust the prices for Streamyx and set lower prices for HSBB-now named as UniFi.The fact is I was wrong.

According to the latest information getting from MalaysianWireless,UniFi has the packages of 5,10 and 20Mbps.They are expected to have similar download and upload speeds.The price charts for the packages are not yet disclosed,however,some source claimed that that could be RM149,RM199 and RM249 respectively.

I believe most of Malaysians will say that the prices are too high.I totally agree it.So now I just pray that the prices are for the tri-play packages,not for broadband only.We could get the exact information tomorrow as TM will officially inform the public about the charges for the services.

I hope that will not be another service which is going to kill my wallet.


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