Replace iPhone 4 battery - DIY

Are you feeling your iPhone 4 battery drains fast recently, after few minutes's talking on the iPhone with your girl friend? Or your iPhone 4 battery needs to be charged after half hour's gaming?

Of course the battery needs to be replaced with a new one by your self if you iPhone 4 is out of warranty AT&T or Verizon. However how to replace the battery DIY style? it's actually a pretty simple repair and something most people with just a bit of technical know-how can perform. however before doing this your should buy a new iPhone 4 battery, as well as the iPhone opening tools. Also please take care not to puncture or bend the battery in any way as it could be a potential fire hazard. Use extreme care and caution when performing a repair on any device.

Tools required for battery replacement:
A new iPhone 4 battery
A #00 Phillips screwdriver
A mini 5-point screwdriver (if needed)
A plastic pry tool

A. To open back cover of iPhone 4

Firstly to remove the bottom 2 dock connector screens in your iPhone 4. Use either your #00 screwdriver or the five point screws driver. Then remove the back simply slide the back upwards and lift it off gently.

B. To remove the old battery on iPhone 4

Firstly you should remove the #00 screw holding the battery clip in place. Remove this screw located to the bottom left of the battery.

The metal clip on the battery is what clips the battery to the logic board. You’ll need to pop this clip up with your plastic pry tool. Simply stick the end of your pry tool underneath the clip and gently pull upwards until it unfastens from the logic board.

To remove the battery, it is not recommend that using the plastic pull tab. As there is quite a bit of adhesive underneath the battery and the tab will normally just rip off or you can bend the battery. Instead, run your pry tool along the right side of the battery and break the adhesive that way. Once the battery is free from the adhesive, you can pull the old battery out of the phone. There are no other connectors holding it in.

C. To install new battery

Make sure your wifi grounding clip is in place. It should be lined up with your #00 screw hole for your battery. It goes under your battery clip. Once your grounding clip is lined up you can snap your new battery in place. Just line up the clip on the battery to where it gets seated on the logic board and snap it down. You should hear it click into place. Set the new battery in place and line it up. Replace the #00 screw that holds the battery and grounding clip in place.

D. Install back cover to iPhone 4

Place your iPhone 4 back cover back on by lining up the clips and sliding it down into place. It should fall directly into the track. It should be easy to slide it into place. then put the two dock connector screws back in.

iPhone 4 new battery replacement now have done. If your are finding new orignal iPhone 4 battery, please contact Aviso - the leading iPhone spare parts supplier in China. Or if any other questions about iPhone 4 parts or iPhone 4 repair, please kindly let us know by leave comments below.


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