Review:HSBB in Malaysia – My Experience with Unifi

Guest Post By Sloppychic

I’ve just got Unifi installed about a month ago in TTDI. It’s Malaysia’s first fiber optic home broadband service. Actually, we have got it installed during the free installation month and it was really worth it. The whole installation process took almost one whole day with all the knocking and cabling in the house, and then finally the configuration.

See the download speed? Finally youtube is heaven now!

There are various packages offered for home use, VIP5, VIP10, and VIP20 (5Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps). Although it’s claimed as “High Speed Broadband”, it is still “Low Speed” when compared with other developed countries in Asia Pacific.

Due to the fact that it’s only 20Mbps for the ‘premier’ package, there’s no real need for fiber optic. Unifi uses 2 different technologies depending on location. If no fiber optic is available in your area, they will use the existing copper line (VDSL), usually applicable for high rise buildings.

For my case, I live in a terrace house, and fiber optic is available, therefore, they will use fiber optic broadband termination unit (BTU), aka modem for the layman. I’m not from a network background, and there are many things I’ve yet to discover. Your existing modem router may not work with the BTU as we’ve discovered as it requires support for VLAN.

This package also includes a VOIP DECT phone, a set top box with HDMI output for viewing TV programs (2 HD channels only I think), and a cheap Aztech wifi-N router with 100Mbps switch. Although it uses PPPoE connection, but you can’t just use your old router and expect it to work.

Enough of the technical stuff. So how’s the speed like? For a VIP5 package, the speed is excellent most of the time. Streamyx seems like 56k dial up in comparison. Youtube 720P can be streamed without stopping. Most downloads are hitting the bandwidth limit of 500-600KB/sec. And most important of all, it seems to handle 4-5 PCs without noticeable slow downs.

Uploading is even more impressive! It seems that upload speed is not capped at certain times, managing to hit 40mbps!

Overall, I’m quite happy with what Unifi has to offer. Currently, they are giving promotions with free installation (up to 12 hours of installation work!). For the price you pay for 4MB streamyx, I think Unifi is an unbeatable deal.

But would I pay for 20Mb connection at RM250? That’s a completely different story.

If your area has HSBB, I think you should go for it!


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