What is included in the iPhone 4 reviews?

When looking forward to purchase iPhone 4 device, it is important that you check out a few review forums. These forums have all information about the iPhone 4 which is written by people who have used this device. The first thing that is noted in the iPhone review is the technical highlights. This includes the technical properties of the device.

Most iPhone 4 reviews indicate that this smart device uses IOS 4 which has many similarities with android operating system. Technical highlights also indicate the storage capabilities of the iPhone device. All iPhone 4 reviews indicate that this mobile phone device has 16G storage space and a RAM of 512MB. Other information posted under this part of the review is the 5 pixels camera used and the fact that the device does not have a radio.

The next part of the review includes the basic features of the device. Most of the iPhone reviews visited indicate that iPhone 4 is thinner compared to iPhone3. This factor allows most people to carry the device in their pockets without a problem. It is noted in the iPhone 4 reviews that glass is scratch resistant. You do not have to keep worrying whether the phone will be scratched or not.

Reviewers indicate that the glass is as hard as sapphire and there is nothing that can leave a mark on the iPhone 4 device. However, this does not mean that you drop your device carelessly. If you drop the device several times, the glass may break up. iPhone reviews also indicate that that the device uses the apple A4 processor which is the same as the one used on the apple ipad. This processor is much faster compared to its predecessor processor used on the iPhone 3.

The iPhone reviews also agree on the fact that iPhone 4 device has excellent display. The device has much higher resolution compared to the iPhone 3 device. iPhone 4 has 960×640 compared to 800×480 pixels for the iPhone 3. This makes it very easy to use applications like email, web application, video playback and other display applications on the iPhone 4. The display is much better compared to other display devices. In fact, when the iPhone 4 is compared to iPhone 3 or android devices, you will note that the other devices seem darker at maximum brightness.

iPhone reviews cannot be complete without the performance of the battery being noted. Most people who have posts on iPhone reviews forums agree that the phone has a great battery life. iPhone can be used for two days without charging with an amazing 250+ hour’s standby time. This is when you are not using applications that consume battery life like music and video playback.

With these applications, the device can be used for 24-36 hours depending on how often you use these applications. Conclusion from the iPhone reviews is that iPhone is a great device with a great performance. Everyone who has written a review indicates this fact.


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