30Km Long Range Wireless AP Tenda TWL5401A

Mentioned wireless Internet access in addition to find it very convenient, and most people are still maintained a skepticism. Indeed, wireless development today, not perfect, especially the wireless transmission distance and signal strength to become the greatest concern of the people. 

The farthest transmission distance of normal wireless products just a few hundred meters, the transmission distance to build a small wireless network, but the coverage of the wireless network in a large environment is simply not possible. Recently found a 30KM long-distance wireless transmission to achieve the AP (Access Point) the Tenda TWL5401A, this product is to improve the product, on the basis of the original TWL5400A transmission signal is more stable, more powerful. Especially its unique 30KM long-distance wireless transmission function, which attracted the eye of many businesses and consumers.

This product appearance slightly compared to the same decision the majority of products on the market in particular, its chassis design and choice of materials is designed for outdoor installation. Comply with the IEEE802.3af PoE Power over Ethernet standard, used in conjunction with high-performance unshielded twisted pair, to ensure the power supply system is more secure; its chassis with high seal, waterproof, corrosion resistant, acid resistant aluminum materials and outdoor durable , so the material can guarantee the stable operation of equipment in the outdoor variety of environments, and greatly weakened the products for outdoor harsh environments caused by aging speed, thus extending the life of the product.

TWL5401A long-distance wireless AP uses the most advanced outdoor wireless technology, information throughput of up to five times ordinary IEEE802.11b products is a products designed specifically to meet the outdoor remote networking needs, can be widely used in offices of high-speed wireless transmission. hotels, cafes, outdoor, campus, golf courses, docks and airport hot spots such as Local Area Network, both to provide long-distance wireless point-to-point data transmission, a wide range of wireless coverage, but also to provide wireless LAN and broadband Internet access entry. Designed for outdoor installation, a unique signal strength positioning device, installation and adjustment of long-distance, without the use of professional positioning equipment, you can easily obtain the best angle. Like the cover of such a large area of ​​wireless network products, or very few in the AP boundary.

Look at this AP a number of technical parameters: TWL5401A Add watchdog (watchdog timer) "function to assist the stabilization system,

This feature prevents the program infinite loop occurs, the system automatically within two seconds to resume normal operation. High sensitivity and receiving sensitivity (packet error rate PER <8%) 54Mbps-73dBm, to adaptive 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6M or 11/5.5/2/1M rate. Support WDS (wireless distribution system), five operating modes: wireless access points (APs), peer-to-peer (P2P) bridge, point-to-multipoint (P2MP) bridge, repeater mode (Repeater) and wireless client (Client) mode. The latest wireless security standards WPA, WPA2, WEP encryption supports up to 128, TKIP, standard (Dynamic Key Integrity Protocol), AES standard (Advanced Encryption Standard). Support of xDSL / Cable MODEM, residential broadband, fixed IP, residential broadband dynamic IP and other access methods.


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