One of the greatest challenges with having an archive of tech support for Web-based properties like Facebook is that things change with an alarming regularity. Facebook has actually been relatively slow in its interface tweaks, but for too many sites what works this month will be obsolete next month as they keep tweaking and modifying their interfaces.

It was in the autumn of 2008 that Facebook unveiled its rather dramatic redesign, offering lots more tabs, lots more customizability (is that a word?) and lots of additional features, but at the cost of everything looking different and working differently.

And so, I'll unfriend my friend Klaus Holzapfel to show you how it's done in the new Facebook 2.0 interface.

First off, the easiest way to find one of your friends (or, in this case, former friends, based on what you're asking me) is to search for them in the search box on the top right corner of your Facebook home page. As you start typing it'll show you possible matches:

When I choose that entry, I get to Klaus' profile page. He has lots of links and elements on his page, but what we want is way, way down on the left side, pages and pages from the top:

Click on "Remove from Friends" and you'll be asked to confirm the action:

Assuming you're sure that you no longer want to be friends, click on "Okay" and after a moment or two that connection is broken and the two of you are no longer friends.

Important: Your former friend will not receive any notification that you have unfriended them.

You can now tell that they're no longer friends with you because immediately under their photograph on the left of their profile you'll now see it.


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