Iphone 5 Release Date Ever To Be Announced?

Will the Iphone 5 ever be released?

The release date of the iphone 5 has been just an on going rumor for months now. Among the new features every new Iphone brings, the release date is just as hot a topic.

People want to know exactly when it’s available so they can have it first, or have it at all. Every new Iphone release has always been a hectic yet very successful one for Apple, selling faster than they can deliver. People always want what they can’t have which just makes these launches that much more troublesome. Fear not, when the Iphone 5 release date is leaked you can be certain that we will have it for you first.

The Iphone 5 was expected to be released with the new iOS 5 but complications happened which made the release of the iphone 5 with iOS 5 impossible in Apple’s eyes. So here we have the Iphone 4S, which to many was a major disappointment. Most people were expecting more from one of the world’s biggest and most technologically influential companies to date. 

The day the Iphone 4s was announced, Apple’s stock plummeted and for good reason. While the Iphone 4s does offer performance upgrades and added features, it was not enough according to the majority of Iphone enthusiasts. While it isn’t the first time Apple released an ‘S’ version in between official versions, it was the fact that it was so out of the blue and unexpected it has shocked people and Apple’s stock.

The iPhone 5 release date is still just rumors circulating with no concrete information. However the fact that Apple seems to prefer to have their major launches in late spring to early summer is probably a good place to speculate as the next release date for Iphone 5. As of right now most tech gurus are saying early summer 2012, but now with the recent release of the Iphone 4s the iphone 5 release date could be delayed further. Customers that buy the iPhone 4s could be extremely angry if Apple were to release the Iphone 5 less than a year later. Unfortunately in today’s technology world 1 year is a very long time, so get used to it.

Not only are these release dates a matter of releasing a bug free product, but there is also a marketing aspect behind them. Apple wants to release at the absolute best time to maximize profits after building months and even years worth of hype. Delaying too long could allow for competition to come in and snag a good percentage of customers that grow tireless of waiting. Releasing too soon could result in a bug filled product that wasn’t tested enough causing major customer support issues and potentially damaging the company’s reputation.

As you can see the iPhone 5 release date is a very touchy subject for both customers, developers and manufacturers with many variables coming into play. Who will know the official release date of the Iphone 5 first? Apple of course! Who will be the next to know?

iPhone 5 Features Update:

Two new rumors have surfaced that are claiming apple is considering adding credit card processing from your iPhone. How this will work exactly is still unknown but the concept is there. The other rumored feature is a better camera that is capable of panorama picture taking and full 1080p video recording.

According to a few sources, both Sony and Hitachi have shipped protype 4-inch screen sized iPhone 5′s to Apple for testing. If this is true it could mean an iPhone 5 release date as early as March 2012 but more than likely later rather than sooner. One thing to keep in mind though is that Steve Jobbs delayed the iPhone 5 because he felt it wasn’t ready, however his succesors seem to feel otherwise moving forward with the new phone. So there could be new standards and protocols Apple is taking now that could affect things like release date patterns we’re used to.


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