Mobily's WiMax covers all of Riyadh

The entire Saudi capital of Riyadh is now covered with WiMax through Bayanat Al Oula, the data arm of Etihad Etislat (Mobily), the company announced on Sunday.

Mobily's broadband subscribers can now use their Wimax modems anywhere in the sprawling metropolis. They will not need to worry about fiddling with cables and settings. All they need to do is just plug their modems into a power source and fire them up to get online.

Engineer Abdulaziz Altamami, Mobily's Chief Operating Officer, said Wimax is the ultimate choice for internet users seeking high Internet speeds that WiMax offers today.

He added that more and more telecom operators are offering WiMax services to their subscribers.
"Mobily is working on covering most of the kingdom's cities and regions with WiMax as per its technical plan,"
said Altamami said.

He thanked Mobily's employees for their exceptional efforts to bring about this substantial accomplishment which fulfils the internet user's every need.

Last week, Mobily launched new offers it's WiMax Broadband @ home service, with fresh pricing for its new bundles. In addition to the latest modem, new subscribers to its 2-Mbps bundle get a free one-month subscription.

The new plans also give customers a choice of speeds that suit their needs, ranging from 256 kbps to 2 Mbps. Users also can choose among subscription periods of one, three, six and 12 months. They also get the latest WiMax router with every bundle. The plug-and-play device runs anywhere where WiMax coverage is available, in the least time and effort.


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