Share your Google Blogger content through Google+

Those of you who use Google Blogger can now share your latest blogs with your Google+ followers.

Linking your blog to your Google+ account will display a Google+ share box after you post your latest content, according to Google's blog. Already prefilled with the necessary details, the box contains a a teaser of your blog that you can then share with your Google+ circles.

To take advantage of this new feature, you'll need to use your public Google+ profile as the identity for your blogs, which you can do on the Google Blogger Web site. You can then choose which individual blogs to share and even disable the sharing prompt if you change your mind.

Those of you interested in Google Blogger can learn more at the site's Help Forum.

The new tie-in between Google Blogger and Google+ is one just of several changes in store for Google+, according to the search giant.

Via news.cnet


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