Snap of the Week; Heat Sensitive Urinals

Hey There,

Ok, so when I saw this I was like WTH??? Really? Why? Lmaol. I guess to men technology is cool no matter what. But I can't speak for them since I am not a male. Haha. Apparently this is a heat sensitive urinal.
Haha, so this is like the men's time to check out their pee. It is said that the hotter your pee, the darker the color. Haha.

Ok now I don't want to sound like a pervert, but I do notice that men/boys like to play around while they pee. Haha especially in the snow. Puahahha. Yes, I said it and if anyone denies it, they are a lie. I know at some point in time you've played around while peeing. This just gives the guys more to think about when peeing in these high tech heat sensitive urinals.

Since this invention came out I would like to know how many men have left their mark on a urinal? How many enjoyed it?
And how many thought it was hella weird? Lol.

What do you think?

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