Globe WiMAX HUAWEI BM622, BM622i, BM625 Admin Password

I am still unable to log on to secure sites through my Globe WiMAX Huawei BM622i Modem. But, that is what caused me to search around in order to find a way to have admin access to this unit. (Until now, I have not been able to change any settings in the modem.) Even the most simple options were unreachable to change, because the only access you are granted upon install, is "user". Now, with this little piece of software, you (possibly) can have admin access, thereby being able to change the firewall, DNS, and other settings inside the modem.

I don't think it will work on units with updated firmware, according to what I have found, but it worked on mine. If your unit has the updated firmware nothing will happen. It just will not let you log on. So, it's worth a try either way.

1. Download the attached file (directly below) and save it on your desktop:

wimax password generator.rar 762.31K 377 downloads

2. Unzip the file. This will create a folder on the desktop by the same title. Double click on the folder.
3. Look at the bottom of your modem and make note of the MAC address.
4. In the folder, double click on the file "ExcelAccess.exe".

5. Enter the MAC address from the bottom of your modem, in the window at the top of the program.

6. Click the "Generate" button. This will reveal your admin password.

6. Using your web browser, enter the IP Address,, in the address window and load the address (Steps 1 and 2 in the photo below).
7. Enter "admin" in the "Username" window and the password the program generated for you, in the "Password" window. (Steps 3 and 4 in the photo below.)
8. Click "Login". (Step 5 in the photo below.)

9. You should now be logged in with administrator access on your Huawei BM622i WiMAX Modem.

Now, I need some help. If anyone has one of these and you are able to secure administrator access on your modem, please tell me, what the hell I tick (or untick) to make this thing allow me access to secure websites!? The first thing I did was to change the DNS. I also was able to fix my issue blocking me from using torrents. But, for the life of me, I cannot load any secure (https:) sites.


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